Kool Katz
5 Day 5 Day Package


Learn how to surf in uncrowded waves on pristine beaches with Byron Bay’s original and most experienced surf tour operator.


Starts: Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia
Ends: Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

Day 1: We teach you the safest and easiest surfing methods on the beach first with a demonstration and practise. Here we teach you about safe board handling and good water practise. Then it’s into the water for 2 hours of guided surfing. Our surf lessons begin with individually pushing you onto small waves of about 1 ft. Once you’re standing up and riding them with our help, we teach you how to paddle on and catch your own. By the end of the session you will be catching and riding good, long waves to the beach.

Day 2 : Skip the demo from here on in and surf each day for 2.5 hours. Today we’ll teach you how to do small turns.

Day 3: We’ll help you improve your surfing and teach you how to take the drop”.

Day 4: We’ll teach you how to ride bigger waves and improve your turning

Day 5: We’ll continue working on improving your surfing and wave selection. Get longer and better rides and feel the joy!