paradise of fiji

A Fiji holiday will be an unforgettable paradise escape that will leave you speechless.

These 333 islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have plenty to offer, including remote islands.

Running only a couple hours a day, through affordable private Bures (your own little house on the beach or surrounded by palm trees),

to honeymoon super-luxury resorts.


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 Island hopping – Yasawa & Mamanuca islands

Each island is very different – there’s everything from just a small sandy island you can walk around within 15minutes to massive volcanic islands with jungles and caves.

There’s plenty to see and do – snorkel straight from the beach, jungle tracks up the volcanos or to secret waterfalls.

the real fiji experience - main island

Mad Monkey Travel. The Backpacker Experts.

 Feejee Experiences action packed itineraries focuses on Fiji’s rich cultural diversity and heritage while including adventures such as billibilli rafting (traditional bamboo rafts), mud pools and jungle treks. We understand not everyone is an adventure nut and allow plenty of time to relax along the way. All of our overnight accommodation is located along the coast allowing guests an opportunity to relax in the afternoon with a refreshing tropical cocktail or explore vibrant tropical reefs.


Mad Monkey Travel. The Backpacker Experts.

Diving focused packages – coming soon!

romantic geatway

Mad Monkey Travel. The Backpacker Experts.

Getaways for couples – coming soon!