Top 8 Things To Do: Australian Backpacking East Coast Adventure.

There’s no confusion why 9/10 Backpackers adventure up or down the East Coast of Australia. Our East Coast Australia Itinerary will give you an amazing taste of Australia; from cosmopolitan cities, iconic sites and locations, world-class natural wonders, perfect beaches and ancient rainforests.

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Now without further ado; here’s the top 8 must do’s along the East Coast of Australia.

  1. Snorkel or Dive the Great Barrier Reef. This magnetic underwater-world is definitely one of the most sort after Aussie experiences. The reef is just over 2300km long and is the largest living thing of earth! We know, wow. It’s home to countless species of colourful fish, molluscs and starfish, plus turtles, dolphins and sharks. Whilst the reef can be experience from many Australian locations the most common place to access the reef and all of its wonder is from Cairns.
  2. Magnetic Island. Just south of Cairns Magnetic Island is a wonder in itself. Beautiful beaches filled with LOTS to do and see. Take a ferry from the mainland and enjoy this island sensation.
  3. Sail the Whitsunday’s. Again, potentially one of the top activities for Backpackers and beyond, sailing The Whitsunday’s is a MUST. Various boat options are available to suit your group size and budgets. Let Mad Monkey Travel arrange a free quote for you today.
  4. 4WD Fraser Island. Fraser is the biggest sand island in the world so 4WD’ing is a MUST. Explore this magical island location and get into the adventurous spirit while enjoying all the natural ‘zen’ this location has to offer.
  5. Explore The Noosa Everglades. Noosa is home to 1 of only 2 everglades in the entire world. There are so many fun ways to enjoy the everglades dependant on your wants/needs. Let Mad Monkey Travel arrange a free quote for you today.
  6. Hit up the theme parks in Surfers Paradise. Surfers in just south of Noosa and is hosts to 3 amazing theme parks; Dream World, Movie World & Wet & Wild. They are all uniquely different from each other, although gun to my head I would say Movie World is the best. We can arrange you a Park Pass so CLICK HERE for more information.
  7. Swim with the Dolphins in Byron Bay. Kayak along the ocean, around a lighthouse and into the deep blue where you will be greeted by Dolphins who are so welcoming that they will literally approach you. Dolphin sightings are a guarantee, or you get your cashola back. Want to meet the Dolphins. CLICK HERE to find out more.
  8. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You’ll never see a City as beautiful as Sydney, and to experience it along the Harbour Bridge Climb is a must. Climbs start from $300 if booked from us. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.   


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